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Permit Requirements

All applicants requesting a “Homeowner’s Permit” and to be doing the work themselves, shall have the approval of the inspector(s), prior to issuance of a permit.  When a contractor is doing the proposed work, the contractor(s) must be licensed for the City of Lake Station, and the contractor(s) obtain the permit(s).

No more than 30% of a residential lot shall be occupied by structures.  No more than 30% of a residential lot shall be occupied by structures.

R-2 (Single Family) Zoned Districts
[Dwellings, Garages; Room Additions; Accessory Buildings]

(NOTE:  Inspectors have 48 hours to inspect)

  1. To submit a LEGAL PLAT OF SURVEY of property.  (Re:  All New Construction).  Must have stakes visible, and must have a street address prior to bldg. permit issued.

  2. Location & Size of proposed construction & location to be indicated on plat of survey.

  3. Plans & Specifications of the proposed construction.  (one(1) set required for our files)

  4. Permits to be obtained for:  Building; Electric; Plumbing; HVAC; Sewer. 


All Structures:  Minimum of 5 ft. side yard (corner lots @ 25 ft. side yards)

Single-Family Dwellings

Minimum size @ 912 sq. ft. of living area & 35 ft. max. hgt.

Min. Lot size:  60 ft. by 125 ft.  (@ 7,500 sq. ft.) & Front yard set-back @ min. of 30 ft.

Sidewalks; Two (2) Off-Street Parking spaces and an “Occupancy Permit” are required.

State Energy Code for Insulation:  R-38 (Ceiling); R-19 (Walls); R-10 (Foundation)

New Construction:  Additions; Attached Garages:

Foundations:  42” Deep (If no basement: 40” is allowed = 5 Blocks High)

Footings:  8” Thickness by 16” Width; To project 4” on each side of walls

Inspections Required @ 4
 1) Footing (Prior to concrete being poured)

2) Foundation (Including: Beam; Anchor Bolts; Sill Plates)

3) Rough-In

4) Final

Detached Garages

Maximum size @ 676 sq. ft. (24x24’ or 26x26’) Max. Hgt. @ 14 ft.

Footing/Foundation:  12” Deep by 12” Wide, with a 4” Concrete Floor.  (Specs available)

Inspections Required @ 2 

1) Footing/Foundation (Prior to Concrete being poured)

2) Final

 (Note:  Electrical Permit required, if to install electric)

Accessory Buildings

Maximum of 100 sq. ft. and 10 ft. max. Height.

Note:  It is the responsibility of the property owner(s) to verify locations & if accessible to all public utilities on new construction.  (Public Works Dept. @ 962-8511)

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